Loft Insulation

What is loft insulation?
Loft insulation covers the floor of the loft. As heat rises, it ends up in the loft. Poor insulation means that heat won’t stay to keep your house warm and as a result more heat is required to maintain warmth in the house. Heat is generated by burning fuel (gas, coal, oil, electricity), so the more heat that is needed, the more fuel is consumed, hence higher the energy bills.

By insulating your loft you are likely to save up to 33% off your gas bills, year after year.

You may have noticed that in winter on an icy day or after snowing, some houses keep the snow much longer on their roof than others. This is because the ones with good insulation prevent heat from escaping so it does not melt the snow on the roof.
Insulation grants are not available at the moment. We can still insulate your loft at a very competitive price, making your house warmer and savings you money straight away.


Material used
We use mineral wool quilt insulation. However we can supply almost any other type of insulation if required such as sheep wool, rockwool etc.

mineral wool quilt loft insulation Recommended thickness
The building regulations recommend 270mm or 11 inches minimum, with insulation laid between the joists and across the joists. Once insulated the loft will be sealed so that heat cannot escape.

As part of our service, we will also lag water pipes, insulate cold water tanks, loft hatch and draught-proof the hatch.For an extra cost, we will lag your hot water tank and add walking boards so you can access your boiler/water tanks safely.

How much does it cost?
We can still insulate your loft from £349 depending of the size of your loft and number/thickness of layers of insulation required. The cost of fitting the insulation is usually recouped within a couple of years, but the benefits of a Warmer Home can be felt instantly.

access to water tanks etc Loft tidy up service
We have surveyed thousand of lofts and we do expect you to store various items in your loft, from the old Christmas tree to a life time of souvenirs! With our loft tidy up service, we will move your belongings to a boarded area and prepare your loft for insulation.

We are able to insulate flat roof, loft conversion roof and all type of pitch roofs in need of insulation. Many houses have a converted loft or a flat roof and often those rooms are very cold in winter, very hot in summer. It is usually due to poor or non existing insulation, specially for old loft conversion or houses with large under roof ceilings. We use a combination of PIR insulation, multi-foils insulation and insulated plasterboards, to ensure your loft is warm in winter, cool in summer, while ventilation is maintained or improve under the roof area.
The process can be done from the inside or outside. From the inside it involves removing your existing ceiling, fitting insulation as required, refit a new ceiling, skim, improve ventilation if necessary. From the outside, 120mm of PIR insulation is fitted on top of the existing flat roof with a new GRP or glass fiber roof finish (20 years guarantee).
You will save on energy bills and pay back time are around 5 to 6 years depending on your consumption, but most importantly you will feel comfortable throughout the year.

What we cannot do
We do not insulate:

  • Lofts with bats - bats are a protected species and must not be disturbed.
  • Lofts with clear signed of infestation: birds, pigeons, wasps, rats etc.
  • Lofts where the roof is leaking will need fixing first. Our surveyor will be able to assess costs of roof repairs if required.
  • Lofts where ceilings have structural damages: broken joists or any other structural damages/weaknesses will need fixing before any work can take place. Our surveyor will be able to estimate repair costs if required.
Do I qualify for a grant?
More loft insulation but less storage space?
Insulating your loft is great and have many benefits, however storage space is often reduced substantially as a result.

For a minimum outlay, we can board your entire loft, or just a section of it, gaining invaluable storage space, without compromising on the insulation thickness in the loft.

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