Loft Ladders

Our durable, easy-to-use loft ladders make it easier to access your loft space. We have a range of two and three sections loft ladders that have interlocking sliding sections and large, flat top rungs for your comfort and safety. We can source, supply and fit all type of loft ladders, from basic to fully automated electric ladders. Below is a sample of the main ladders we offer.

The Abru Blue Seal Easy Stow: £249 supply and fit

The Easyway - Loft Access

The aluminium Abru ladder has three sliding sections and a handrail for added safety when in use. Designed for occasional use in the home, this quality loft ladder is easy to use and suitable for openings from 508mm x 432mm. The price include fitting the existing hatch door with hinges and a lock.

  • Tested and certified to BS 7553 Class G (General Use)
  • Ideal in restricted spaces
  • Wide and comfortable treads
  • Spring loaded Pivot arm for smooth, gliding operation
  • Unique shoot bolts fastening for safety and ease of use
  • 3 section ladder with 12 treads
  • Suitable for floor to ceiling heights from 2.3 to 3m

Our popular choice: The Fakro timber ladder - £499 supply and fit

The Eco S Line - Loft Access The Fakro ladder is a 3 section spring loaded folding timber loft ladder with an insulated draught proof hatch. The ladder can be varnished once installed, and is recommended for regular use. The spring loaded hatch door makes it very easy to be used by all members of the family, it's finger touched operated. This particular ladder will require a new hatch opening or hatch enlarging. The price include all work and material required, as well as a wooden architrave finish.

  • Tested and certified to EN 14975:2006
  • Requires no arc of clearance or storage space in the loft
  • Made from solid spruce – FSC and PEFC certified
  • White faced trap door
  • Rubber draught excluder on casing and trapdoor
  • 20mm thick trapdoor insulation reduces heat loss
  • Handrail to aid safe climbing
  • Slip resistant treads and feet
  • Easy operation; includes timber pull and push rod

The Deluxe: £549 supply and fit

The Deluxe - Loft Access This superior two-section sliding loft ladder is made from tough aluminium and designed to cope with regular use. Reassuringly sturdy, the Deluxe has two handrails for complete safety and fits openings from 686mm x 508mm. The existing hatch can be enlarged as required for a small additional cost.

  • Tested and certified to EN 14975
  • Deep, slip-resistant treads
  • Spring assisted pivot arm for smooth gliding action
  • 2 sections with 14 treads
  • Can be used for a wide range of loft-to-floor heights - minimum 2.31m/maximum 3.25m
  • Ladder attaches to loft hatch for easier withdrawal from loft

The Spacemaker: £199 supply and fit

The Spacemaker - Loft Access This aluminium sliding loft ladder is ideal for occasional use in the home. A quality two-section standard domestic loft ladder, it fits openings as small as 457mm x 406mm. The price include fitting the existing hatch door with hinges and a lock.

  • Tested and certified to BS 7553 Class G (General Use)
  • Fitted with wide, flat, non-slip treads and rubber feet for safe climbing
  • Complete with all fittings
  • Unique shoot bolt fastening for safety and ease of use
  • 2 section ladder with 10 treads
  • Floor to ceiling height from 1.45 to 2.6m
  • Weighs just 5kg

The Concertina: from £399 supply and fit

The Concertina - Loft Access The solution to limited space problems. The concertina loft ladder closes into a cube and sits over the hatch door taking up no loft floor space and requiring minimal vertical clearance. The price include fitting the existing hatch door with hinges and a lock.

  • Requires no space - ideal for very small ceiling openings min. 600 x 500 mm.
  • Comfortable and safe operation with a spring controlled suspension system which keeps the ladder in position.
  • Maximum comfort and security - wide non-slip treads. Tread width is 340 mm and the tread depth is 78 mm.
  • Unique robustness - tested to 200 kg. Max working load 100 kg.
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More loft insulation but less storage space?
Insulating your loft is great and have many benefits, however storage space is often reduced substantially as a result.

For a minimum outlay, we can board your entire loft, or just a section of it, gaining invaluable storage space, without compromising on the insulation thickness in the loft.

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