Better insulation, stronger roof

We are able to insulate flat roofs, loft conversion roofs and all types of pitched roofs in need of insulation. Many houses have a converted loft or a flat roof and often those rooms are very cold in winter, very hot in summer. It is usually due to poor or non existing insulation, specially for old loft conversion, old extension or houses with large under roof ceilings.

We use a combination of PIR insulation, multi-foils insulation and insulated plaster boards, to ensure your loft is warm in winter, cool in summer, while ventilation is maintained or improved under the roof area.

Insulating a flat or pitched roof can be done from the inside or outside.

From the inside it involves removing your existing ceiling, fitting insulation as required, refit a new ceiling, skim, and improve ventilation if necessary.

From the outside, flat roofs can be insulated with 120mm PIR insulation, fitted on new timber decking as required with a GRP (glass fiber) roof finish. Pitched roofs will require removing existing tiles/slates and batten, fit insulation, then relay tiles/slates.
Insulated GRP Flat Roof

You will save on energy bills and be warm and cosy in winter, cool and fresh during the hot summer days.

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Warmer Home flat/pitch roof insulation in a nutshell

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  • Fiber glass roof, warm roof
  • Complete finish to painting and decorating
  • Building regulations, building notice and Planning dealt in house
  • All work guarantee for 10 years, GRP roofs are guaranteed for 20 years

    Do I qualify for a grant?
    More loft insulation but less storage space?
    Insulating your loft is great and have many benefits, however storage space is often reduced substantially as a result.

    For a minimum outlay, we can board your entire loft, or just a section of it, gaining invaluable storage space, without compromising on the insulation thickness in the loft.

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